Which AHCC Supplements are the Best?

Woman shopping for AHCC supplements in the vitamin store

An AHCC Supplement, or AHCC®, may help enhance your immunity and overall health when used as recommended and in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Although further research is required to determine the precise health advantages of AHCC®, a supplement like AHCC® from HPD Rx might be worthwhile to include in your daily regimen.

History of AHCC

Amino Up Co., Ltd. in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan, is the only company that manufactures AHCC® and has it licensed as a trademark. AHCC® is the brand name for an alpha-glucan-rich dietary supplement derived from the mycelia of the basidiomycete mushroom shiitake (Lentinula edodes).

This ingredient is being viewed as a possible anti-cancer agent.  Research is ongoing and there have been some impressive studies published on the results of using AHCC® to address cancer and HPV.  In Japan and throughout Asia, AHCC® is a widely used complementary therapy. It is starting to become popular in the West because of the positive health effects it is having on peoples’ lives.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing an AHCC Supplement?


To create an ingestible supplement, basidiomycetes, a form of fungi, are used to extract the all-natural compound known as AHCC®. The shiitake mushroom is among the most well-liked kind of spores that AHCC® uses.

Several preclinical studies on the possible advantages of AHCC® have been conducted. There is some indication that the substance may help cure or perhaps prevent some types of cancer, albeit these investigations are still in their early stages.

It can also enhance the activity of T-cells, which are present in the body biologically and are used to fight tumor progression, cancer, infections, and other diseases, particularly in animals.

The immune system may be strengthened, and normal bodily processes may be modulated simultaneously by AHCC®. Additionally, the botanical supplement may help the liver function, minimizing the chances of diabetes and protecting against toxic substances.

Plus, it might eliminate some current infections, like HPV-related ones. More scientific proof is required to back up the validity of these advantages for humans, particularly when taken as supplements.

Side Effects

Consuming AHCC® supplements may have some adverse effects, like using almost all other supplements. The dose, regularity, and pre-existing medical issues all impact the adverse reactions and their type and intensity.

Fatigue, cramps in the foot, itching, and diarrhea are typical side effects. Additionally, some people mentioned a rise in body temperature, which in some situations could be harmful.

Also, AHCC® supplements may interfere with prescription drugs, including those that affect the liver and impair immune response activity. The two may interact if you’re taking drugs that cause the reverse effect to AHCC®, which typically speeds up the immune system and liver function.

Most people who take AHCC® don’t notice any significant adverse effects. Consult a general doctor to see what they advise if you’re unsure of how your body will respond to the medication.


Several AHCC® supplements are available, including tablets, liquid solutions, and soft gels. One of these supplements should normally be consumed on an empty stomach so your body can digest it more effectively.

Some producers recommend taking it with food or drink instead. Before taking any new supplement or vitamin, check the label for directions for optimum results.

What You Should Seek in a Top-Notch AHCC Supplement


Like prescription drugs, supplements often identify their dosage in grams or milligrams. Unfortunately, the FDA does not offer a suggested minimum or maximum dose for AHCC® supplements.

The daily recommended dose of AHCC® for an adult person is between three and six grams or around 3,000 and 6,000 mg.

Based on the prescription, it is appropriate for most individuals to consume three or more capsules daily, as most AHCC® capsules contain a dose between 500 and 1,000 mg.

Life Span

When kept in a cold, dry environment, most supplements last for around two years after their initial production date. The shelf life of a liquid supplement will likely be much shorter. Most liquids have a maximum shelf life of a few months before compromising their effectiveness or needing replenishment. Before taking any vitamin, pill, or drug, check the expiry date.


The term “count” describes how many capsules or soft gels are contained in a container. There will typically be fewer pills in the container if a single tablet contains a larger dosage. The majority of AHCC® supplements have a count of 60 to 120.

How Much You Should Expect to Spend on an AHCC Supplement

The dose per tablet and the number of tablets in a jar determine how much these supplements cost. Normally, a one-month supply costs between $50 and $300. It might not be authentic AHCC® if it is priced less than that.

FAQs about AHCC Supplement

Where did the AHCC pills come from initially?

The mycelia of some fungi, like shiitake mushrooms, are where AHCC® is derived from. The dietary supplement was first created in Japan and is now popular in China and Japan.

What more steps can I take to strengthen my immune system?

To strengthen your immune system and aid in the battle against infection, in addition to AHCC®, you might also take additional vitamins, including vitamins C and E. Citrus fruits and strawberries are typical sources of vitamin C, whereas nuts and seeds are rich sources of vitamin E. As an alternative, you might take vitamins or a regular multivitamin to support the health of your immune system.

What AHCC supplement should I buy?

The Best AHCC Supplements:



Price:  $58.99

What You Need to Know: 

This supplement was created with high-quality components that support liver and immunological function while battling cancer and infections.

What you’ll Love: 

Taken on an empty stomach, the bottle contains 90 soft vegetable capsules. Each dosage of 3 capsules gluten-free capsule contains 1100 milligrams of AHCC® and Shiitake mushroom extract.

Things to Consider: 

You should keep in mind that actual physicians formulated this.  Many customers report that this is the ideal formula to keep their immune system strong and their HPV under control.

Places to Buy: 

Purchase options include Amazon and the company’s own website HPD Rx.


Premium Kinoko AHCC Supplement

Price:  $74.96

What You Need to Know: 

This high-potency supplement is an excellent option for individuals who want to strengthen their immune systems and fight off infections.

What you’ll Love: 

This product complies with FDA-mandated Current Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines and comes in 60 vegan, gluten-free tablets. Each capsule contains 1,000 milligrams, and two capsules constitute one serving.

What to Consider: 

The risk of adverse effects could be increased if you take too many pills at once because they have a greater dosage.

The place to Buy: 

Amazon or the company’s website


Fucoidon AHCC®

Price:  $300

What You Need to Know: 

This bottle contains 160 capsules and provides innate immune support to last a lot longer.

What You Will Love: 

Each pill contains 310 mg of AHCC and is intended to be consumed on an empty stomach. It is completely natural and designed for optimal efficacy with a special ratio of several fungi.

What to Consider: 

Consuming too much could result in a migraine.

Places to Buy: 

Purchase options include Amazon and the company’s own website.