Does AHCC Really Work to Fight HPV?

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AHCC® is becoming a very popular ingredient being used as an effective way to stop or treat HPV and HPV-based cancers. Does this ingredient made in Japan really work?

AHCC® is an immune-supporting compound derived from the root-like structure of shiitake mushrooms. Traditional medical practices worldwide have treated patients with mushroom extracts because of their natural ability to boost the immune system. The medical community doesn’t completely understand why mushrooms and mushroom compounds have this effect on the immune system, but more research is proving their effectiveness.

According to various studies, AHCC stimulates the production and actions of defensive immune cells like T cells and other natural killer cells. So if you consume AHCC® while dealing with an active infection or malignancy like cancer, the AHCC® has shown in clinical studies to support reducing the symptoms and possibly even eliminate the threat.

How was AHCC Discovered?

AHCC® first became known to the world in 1989. A Japanese company called Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd, along with the assistance of Dr. Toshihiko Okamoto of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo, developed the first AHCC® and it is a patented ingredient only made by this high quality company.

They found much of AHCC’s composition has polysaccharides like acetylated a-glucan and beta-glucan. These glucans come from the mushroom mycelia and have astounding immune-boosting effects on the human body.

After years of studying the effectiveness of AHCC®, the results show it does support a healthy immune system. AHCC® has been proven to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties for treating and eradicating various infections in the body. It can even offer protection from oxidative stress-induced disorders.

Benefits of AHCC on the Immune System

The immune benefits of AHCC® for healthy adults are more than apparent. You can expect your immune system to have better T-cell immune responses, dendritic cell function, and antibody responses from the influenza vaccine. And if you use AHCC® with antibiotics, you should see a significant anti-inflammatory reaction.

Can you use AHCC® as an effective treatment against HPV and HPV-based cancers like cervix cancer? Well, it certainly looks like it could be effective at supporting the prevention of certain cancers and reduce HPV symptoms. However, the preliminary findings are inconclusive and don’t guarantee this outcome. For example, one multicenter study showed that AHCC® was unsuccessful in significantly lowering the prostate-specific antigen levels in patients with early-stage prostate cancer.

Overall, the medical community is going to conduct additional research to understand AHCC® better and its therapeutic effects on patients suffering from infections and cancers. On the other hand, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try AHCC® as the only reported side effects are mild itching and diarrhea. The worst-case scenario is that it will be ineffective at treating HPV or HPV-based cancer.

Talk to your health care provider for more advice and guidance regarding AHCC® and how it can benefit you and support to your health and wellness.