Which AHCC Supplements Should You Buy?

Woman taking an AHCC supplement with a glass of water

AHCC® is derived from shiitake mushroom extract and turned into a special compound only formulated by one company in the world, Amino Up Co., Ltd. based in Japan.  This remarkable compound is patented and there is no other source for AHCC®.

There are numerous clinical studies indictating AHCC® can have a profound impact enchancing the body’s immune strength, especially combined with a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and exercise regimen. Consumers worldwide are finding out about the benefits of incorporating AHCC® into their diet and gaining more optimal health and wellness.  One of the top supplement brands satifying its customers with its physician-created formulas HPD Rx. They focus on women’s health, immunity, and HPV immune building supplements such as their HPD Rx AHCC®.

Benefits of AHCC

More than 30 human clinical studies and over 100 published papers have shown impressive results when using AHCC® to support the immune system in fighting HPV and helping to prevent or slow down the progression of certain forms of cancer.  There is no current HPV treatment for all 200 strains of HPV although taking AHCC® regularly can be very beneficial. AHCC® has shown to support generating more T-cells, which are the cells that assist the immune system in fighting off infections, tumors, and cancer.

Other scientific evidence suggests that AHCC® can improve liver function, reduce the risk of diabetes, and eliminate certain infections. There is excitement around a breakthrough Phase II AHCC® study with a 58% effective rate for clearing persistent HPV infections.  The medical community is actively conducting further HPV and AHCC studies, and research and testing before officially approving AHCC® as a treatment for these conditions. So, for now, you should always listen to your health care provider when treating serious medical conditions.

Potential Side Effects of AHCC

AHCC® supplements may cause some side effects depending on how much of the supplement you consume at once and how often you consume it. Any preexisting health issues or prescription medications could also cause side effects after taking AHCC®. The side effects may include foot cramping, fatigue, diarrhea, and itching. In rare cases, a person may experience an elevated body temperature. 

You can find AHCC supplements in numerous forms, such as soft gels, capsules, and liquid extracts. It does not matter which supplement form you choose as long as you follow the directions on the label. Some supplement products may want you to take them with food, while others recommend consuming them on an empty stomach. Just do what the label states to help minimize the side effects.

Talk to your doctor about the potential side effects of AHCC® before taking it. If you have a health condition or prescription medication which could worsen the side effects of AHCC, your doctor may suggest a different treatment option.

Find a Quality AHCC Supplement Product

Pay attention to the following three things when shopping for an AHCC® supplement product:

  • Dosage
  • Shelf Life
  • Count

The dosage amounts for AHCC supplements will be stated in milligrams or grams. The label might list the dosage amounts next to “Serving Size.” Most adults should take anywhere from 1/2 to 6 grams or 500 to 6,000 mg of AHCC® each day.

The next thing to focus on is the shelf life of the AHCC® supplements. Most of them last for two years if stored in the right environment, which would be a dry and cool location. Liquid-based AHCC supplements won’t last nearly as long as tablets or capsules, so you should try to use them within a couple of months after buying them. Otherwise, they will lose their effectiveness and won’t do anything for you.

The count is the number of soft gels or capsules inside an AHCC® supplement container. In most cases, AHCC supplements with 30 soft gels or capsules in one container recommend only one soft gel or capsule per serving. But if the supplement container has 60 or 120 soft gels or capsules, it may recommend you take 2 or 3 per serving.

Knowing the dosage amount per soft gel or capsule and the count of soft gels or capsules per container is essential because they help determine the price. Usually, it will cost you between $40 and $90 to buy enough AHCC® supplements for a month of consumption.

Make sure you are purchasing real AHCC®.  As previously stated, there is only one authentic manufacturer of AHCC® in world.  This is the Amino Up Co., Ltd. based in Japan.  Please be careful as there are many fake brands making false claims that do not use real, authentic AHCC®.

 Recommended AHCC Supplement

One highly recommended AHCC supplement is called HPD Rx. It consists of high-quality ingredients proven to strengthen the health of the liver and immune system to help prevent cancer and HPV infections. Each container offers 90 capsules for a 30 day supply. 3 capsules equal 1100 mg of AHCC® and shiitake mushroom. HPD Rx is a physician-backed company dedicated to helping people improve their health and vitality. Their clinically tested supplements are formulated to address critical health issues, including immune system function, reproductive health, cognitive performance, and physical energy.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new AHCC® supplements.