HPV Warts Treatment

HPV Warts Treatment

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of over 100 viruses that can cause papillomas (warts). The growths are benign and often go away on their own. For persistent growths, there are a number of HPV warts treatment options that may help them to go away. Find out more about the ways to get rid of HPV warts.

Where HPV Warts Occur

All warts are caused by HPV. Some types of the virus result in the development of HPV warts on hands, fingers, arms, knees, or feet. These types of warts are more common in children, though adults can get them, too.

HPV infections can also sexually transmitted. These virus types may cause growths that develop in areas involved in sexual contact, including HPV mouth warts, HPV anal warts, and HPV genital warts.

How to Get Rid of HPV Warts Naturally

In most cases, HPV warts go away without treatment. The body works to suppress the infection, which helps to clear up any warts that have developed. In fact, the CDC reports that over 90% of new HPV infections become undetectable within two years, with most infections being suppressed within just six months of becoming infected. Since HPV warts often go away naturally, you may not need to pursue any treatment options to get rid of them.

Another way you may be able to get rid of HPV warts without treatment is to use natural supplements that strengthen the immune system. For example, the supplement AHCC has been linked to long-term suppression of HPV infections in recent studies. By boosting your immune system, you may make it easier for your body to suppress the infection without pursuing treatment.

Medical & Surgical Treatment Options for HPV Warts Treatment

Some people use topical medications to treat their warts. There are some over-the-counter products designed to help eliminate these growths, but these medications should not be used with oral, anal, or genital warts caused by HPV. Instead, ask a dermatologist about prescription medication options for treating these warts.

Some dermatologists may recommend surgical procedures to get rid of warts, especially if they are painful, unsightly, or long-lasting. These treatment options may include:

  • Excision: Cutting out the warts.
  • Electrocautery: Burning the warts off with an electric current.
  • Cryotherapy: Freezing the warts off with liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser treatment: Destroying the warts with a laser light.

Remember that HPV warts treatments do not get rid of the HPV infection in your body. The absence of warts does not necessarily indicate that your infection has become dormant.

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