The Top 5 Vitamins & Supplements to Improve Vaginal Health

Image of bottles of supplements for improving vaginal health

Many women do not consider the importance of their vaginal health until they notice undesirable symptoms or signs of health problems. The truth is that vaginal health is critical for sustaining a woman’s daily comfort, gut health, and sexual satisfaction. Failure to properly care for your vaginal health could result in minor to severe health problems.

Did you know regularly consuming the proper vitamins and supplements can help you sustain your vaginal health? All you need to do is choose the supplement with the necessary ingredients to balance vaginal pH levels and control harmful bacteria.

Of course, your lifestyle habits also play a significant role in your vaginal health status. You must ensure you do not disrupt your vaginal pH balance by engaging in activities like douching, applying chemical-based lotions, poor diet, lack of exercise, unsafe sexual practices, etc.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming the proper vitamins and supplements are the formula for strengthening your vaginal health.

Here are the top five vitamins and supplements for enhancing vaginal health:

1) Pro-Fem Vaginal Probiotics

Pro-fem vaginal probiotics

Pro-Fem Daily Probiotic is the #1 vaginal probiotic supplement featuring 5 billion bacteria colony-forming units (CFUs). It is one of the best supplements for vaginal health because of its high effectiveness rate and has more clinical studies than any other vaginal probiotics strains in the market.  It’s fast acting, physician formulated and works effectively in decreasing BV, UTIs, Yeast Infections and Odor.  It also is fast acting (within 7-days) and balances vaginal pH. Plus, you do not even need to refrigerate this probiotic supplement like you would with other supplements. Instead, you can conveniently store it in a dry location at room temperature.

HPD Rx is a respected and trusted probiotic supplement brand. The two most effective strains in the supplement are Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1. They do the best job of improving vaginal health.


2) Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Women’s pH

Garden of life supplement

The Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Women’s pH features prebiotics and probiotics that stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the vagina. The formula features a probiotic blend of approximately 16 beneficial bacteria strains, such as L. rhamnosus HN001 and L. acidophilus La-14. They work to balance vaginal bacteria and pH while improving urinary tract health.

No refrigeration is needed when storing the supplement. You only need to take one capsule per serving. Garden of Life is a B Corp-certified company promoting environmental friendliness and reducing environmental impact.


3) AZO Urinary & Vaginal Wellness Bundle

Azo supplements The AZO Urinary & Vaginal Wellness Bundle is the best supplement product for balancing yeast levels in the vagina. Women at high risk of getting yeast infections may want to try this supplement product to prevent infections.

You need to take five capsules per serving. Several additional ingredients in the capsules may not be to everyone’s liking. However, users receive a unique blend of probiotics for improving yeast balance and beneficial bacteria growth in the vagina.

In addition, the supplement contains D-Mannose to clean out potential irritants from your urinary tract. Since the recommended daily dosage of D-Mannose is 2,000 mg, the makers could not fit it all into one capsule. That is why the recommended serving size is five capsules rather than one.

4) O Positiv Urinary Tract Health Capsules

Uro supplementsThe O Positiv Urinary Tract Health Capsules feature an original botanical blend of probiotics to promote good urinary tract health. Each serving contains 100mg of Vitamin C to assist in balancing the beneficial bacteria in the vagina. Women should take the supplement for at least two months to experience the full results of the product.

The recommended serving size is two capsules per day. People like O Positiv Urinary Tract Health Capsules because they offer a healthy blend of plant compounds and vitamins to enhance urinary tract health. The active plant compounds in the capsules are proanthocyanidins, the same ones naturally found in cranberries. Proanthocyanidins work to fight off harmful bacteria to prevent vaginal infections.

D-mannose sugars also exist to remove potential urinary irritants and reinforce the stability of the urinary tract lining. The 100mg of Vitamin C acidifies urine and assists in balancing vaginal pH levels to prevent an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Vitamin C also improves the function and strength of the immune system, so it can respond faster to threatening foreign invaders in the body.

5) Uqora Complete Regimen

Uqora supplements

Uqora Complete Regimen is the best supplement for getting a daily dose of Vitamin D while improving your vaginal health. The product features “Defend” capsules, “Promote” capsules, and a “Flush” powder drink mix. Consuming the capsules and mix in the proper order will maximize their effectiveness in improving vaginal and urinary tract health.

Users are supposed to take two “Defend” capsules to remove harmful bacteria from the urinary tract lining and bladder wall. The capsules contain Vitamin D3, D Mannose sugars, and robust botanicals, such as green tea leaf extract and turmeric, for further urinary tract support. After taking two “Defend” capsules, users take one “Promote” capsule to add beneficial bacteria to the vaginal microbiome.

The “Flush” powder drink mix comes last after consuming the capsules. Mix the powder in water or your favorite drink, and then consume it. The mix contains the proper vitamin and mineral combination to clear away the remaining irritants in the urinary tract.

Please note that you only have to consume the Flush drink every three days or following each time you have sex. The capsules should be taken daily.