The Best Mushroom Supplements in 2024 (and Why They Work)

Image of woman with mushrooms

Mushroom supplements are swiftly gaining popularity since they promise an immunological boost, an enhanced mood, and even anxiety-fighting abilities.

Medicinal mushroom supplements could be the newest, wellness secret weapon. The greatest mushroom supplements sometimes sound too good to be true, promising an improvement in mood, immune system, increase in antioxidants, and even the ability to fight cancer. However, the best quality supplements have proven to be effective.

How Mushroom Supplements Can Benefit You?

The fact that mushroom supplements are easy to use and understand is why so many consumers are incorporating them into their daily routine.  The greatest mushroom supplements are exactly what they sound like: a combination of extracts from various mushrooms, occasionally combined with minerals and vitamins for beneficial advantages.

These typically contain mushrooms that are distinct from the ones you consume. While some supplement formula do contain maitake or shiitake mushrooms, many of the advantages derived from mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for a long time. 

Why Mushroom Supplements Make A Difference

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years in Eastern medicine, and now the rest of world is catching up. According to recent research, mushrooms have the potential to treat, and in some cases, may prevent cancer, which is one of their alleged superpowers.

However, the highest quality mushroom supplements provide life enhancing advantages including improved memory, stronger immune system, better sleep, and increased energy. The greatest mushroom supplements combine various mushrooms in one simple-to-take capsule to provide a wide range of health benefits. Since different medicinal mushrooms typically have their own distinct benefits, this is why studying which are right for you is so important.

Another plus is supplements made from mushrooms are much safer than many prescription medications. The greatest mushroom supplements often have little, if any, adverse effects as a natural remedy. Also, keep in mind, medicinal mushrooms are distinct from the psilocybin-containing ones that give you a high; they are known as adaptogen mushrooms.

The Best Medicinal Mushrooms For You

The common mushroom species you’ll find in the top mushroom supplements are listed below, along with each variety’s unique health advantages as uncovered through laboratory research and animal testing.

  • Chaga: Humans have utilized the chaga fungus for thousands of years because it contains anti-inflammatory and immune system-boosting properties.
  • Reishi: Look at supplements that contain the reishi fungus for immunity, mood stabilization, and overall system wellness. According to studies, this fungus helps balance energy levels and minimize symptoms of worry and despair.
  • Lion’s Mane: This is one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms. Lion’s mane has a number of advantages including reducing inflammation, improving immunity, and treating anxiety.
  • Cordyceps: The cordyceps fungi has a special ability to increase both mental and physical vigor. It achieves this by assisting your system with better oxygen use, which improves alertness, and athletic performance.

What Are the Best Mushroom Supplements?

Interested in taking advantage of medicinal mushrooms? Find out more about the top mushroom supplements available below. 



Powerful & natural immune support: A standardized cultivated extract of mycelia from various kinds of therapeutic mushrooms is called AHCC® (roots). It functions by encouraging optimal T cell and macrophage activity, preserving T-cell and natural killer cell activity & longevity, increasing the number of dendritic cells, and improving cytokine production. In more than 30 human clinical trials AHCC® has been clinically proven effective. AHCC® has well documented benefits as an HPV treatment. Research on AHCC® has been conducted at numerous esteemed institutions throughout the world, and it has been backed by more than 100 articles that have been published, including 30 clinical trials on humans and a recent Phase II clinical study that was a success.

Peak Performance Top 5


        Peak Performance Mushrooms

The key properties of medicinal mushrooms is immune support. Peak Performance’s supplement taps into that power with a mix developed to ward off illness. The capsules are a terrific way to naturally strengthen your immune system because they contain mushrooms like maitake, reishi, and shitake. You can buy with confidence knowing that these have ingredients have been tested, are vegan, and are gluten-free.

Supermush Mouth Spray Bundle


Super mush

When it comes to mushroom supplements, Supermush takes a unique tack by putting the mixture in a spray bottle. The ingredients are absorbed more quickly when sprayed directly into your mouth, providing more immediate results. We advise first-timers to get Supermush’s sampler bundle. Depending on what you need, it contains several formulas: one for immunity, vitality, and calming down. You can be sure you’re getting a pure dosage of health-improving shrooms because the formulae in all bottles only include adaptogen mushrooms.

Lion’s Mane


HPD Rx Lion's Mane
The main objective of this 100% Organic Lion’s Main supplement is to support cognitive health, while it also helps with energy and immunity. The lion’s mane mushroom is the only ingredient in the supplement, which should improve memory, cognition, and overall brain health. Low in starch and high in beta-glucan, customers rave of this formula’s quality. Try this supplement if you’ve been experiencing any forgetfulness or brain fog.

Mushroom Revival Bundle


Mushroom Revival

This Mushroom Revival mushroom tincture package is a fantastic way to determine which kinds of medicinal mushrooms your body might benefit from. Energy, Calm, Focus, and Daily 10 are among the four bottles included. One mushroom is utilized in each of the other three concentrated formulas—Cordyceps is used in Energy, Reishi is used in Calm, and Lion’s Mane is used in Focus—while the last, Daily 10, is a 10-mushroom blend for immunity. You can choose specific effects or combine them all.

Mushroom Rx


Mushroom Rx

Another comprehensive mushroom dietary supplement is Mushroom Rx. This organic formula includes a blend of 6 super mushrooms totaling 2250 mg per serving including:  Lion’s Mane organic mushroom extract, Chaga sclerotia organic mushroom extract,  Turkey Tail organic mushroom extract, Maitake organic mushroom extract, Cordyceps organic mushroom extract and Red Reishi organic mushroom extract.  Mushroom Rx is an excellent approach to manage daily depression and/or anxiety in addition to boosting your immune system, mood, and energy levels. You can take them at any time of day because the formula only contains mushrooms (no soy, gluten, caffeine, or animal products are included).

Wooden Spoon Herbs Mushroom Magic


Wooden Spoon

Mushroom supplements from Wooden Spoon Herbs, a small-batch pharmacy, seek to gently and naturally strengthen your immune and nervous systems. Their well-known tinctures include a dual-extraction formula; they are first tinctured before being boiled to extract all the mushroom-related advantages you require. Organic Reishi, Lion’s mane, and maitake mushrooms are used in their Daily Balance blend to strengthen the immune system, the brain, and a healthy metabolism.