AHCC Supplements In The Fight Against Persistent HPV Infection

AHCC® has been shown to be beneficial against persistent HPV infection by enhancing immune system activity in a research including high-risk HPV patients.

Phase II Study of AHCC® against HPV

Phase II clinical trials are a type of clinical investigation that typically involve between 100 and several thousand participants. They are designed to assess the effectiveness of the experimental therapy and monitor any side effects. These investigations are frequently conducted after a Phase I trial, in which a smaller number of patients was assessed and the medication’s safety was determined.

The participants in the AHCC® phase II study have been known to have HR-HPV for more than two years and took a 3 gram daily dosage of AHCC® for at least six months. At the conclusion of the trial, both HPV RNA and HPV DNA assays—laboratory tests used to find the presence of HPV—tested negative for more than half of these patients. The subjects tolerated the supplement well, and there were no noticeable negative side effects.

The strength of this study is that, despite the fact that AHCC® is a dietary supplement, this clinical trial was carried out in accordance with the same guidelines as those for conventional medications. As a result, it is reasonable to say that AHCC® supplements give patients a widely available and practical option to fend off enduring HPV infections and improve reproductive health.

AHCC® Supplements for Treatment against HPV infections

In HR-HPV patients, a strong immune system response is crucial because it enhances the quality of life and helps stop the recurrence of infectious symptoms. Supporting immune system function and lowering the risk of sickness are made simpler and more attainable with AHCC® supplements.

A nutritional supplement called Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®) is created from the Japanese native mushroom Lentinula edodes mycelia. It was discovered that oral administration of an AHCC® supplement at 3 grams daily is beneficial in boosting the immune system and curing persistent HPV infections in a recent ground-breaking phase II clinical trial by Smith and colleagues.

Apart from vaccination, there were no other treatments for HPV protection prior to AHCC® supplements. There are three HPV vaccines available; Gardasil 9 offers protection against nine different forms of HPV. From 9 to 26 years old, before a person becomes sexually active and is exposed to the virus, is when HPV vaccine is most effective. For those over this age, who may previously have been exposed to HPV, the HPV vaccination is not advised. Although the vaccine may not be able to protect against the causal virus type in a person who is already infected with HPV at the time of immunization, it is nonetheless administered to provide protection against all other forms.

Overview of HPV

A family of viruses known as human papillomaviruses (HPV) can infect human skin and mucous membranes. There are more than 100 different HPV types or strains, some of which can be spread by sex contact and others through contact with contaminated objects or surfaces.

Nearly everyone who engages in sexual activity is thought to contract at least one kind of HPV at some point in their lifetime due to the virus’ high prevalence. The immune system of the body clears the majority of HPV infections within two years without causing any health issues, but some can linger and result in cancer, such as malignancies of the reproductive organs.

Treatment against HPV infections

While there are therapies for health issues brought on by HPV, there are presently no known HPV treatments that completely eradicate the virus from all affected cells. Skin medicines can be used to treat, for instance, genital warts caused by HPV.

It is crucial to stress that HPV treatments are only successful in treating the clinical symptoms of the infection and do not treat HPV itself. In certain instances, genital warts may seem to disappear after treatment, but they may still be viral growths that can later lead to another wart outbreak. Infections with HPV can be latent or persistent for certain people. Particularly with regard to high-risk HPV strains (HR-HPV), it is possible that no precancerous or cancerous abnormalities will manifest themselves before the virus is discovered.

Consult your doctor about the potential health advantages of taking AHCC supplements.


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