AHCC & Gut Health

Having a healthy gut is key to having a healthy immune system. Our gut bacteria help us digest the food we eat and keep our immune system balanced. Positive bacteria in our systems do a lot of things, such as digestion, nutrient production, detoxification, and protecting our bodies against viruses and bacteria.

The microbiota in our gut is one of them. A vital function of the immune system is maintaining its delicate homeostasis. Humans have more bacteria cells than human cells! Although it may be disturbing, it’s the truth. Maintaining a healthy gut balance is crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Research now suggests the immune system is more connected to the gut than previously thought, and there are all sorts of interactions between the two. Scientists found that mice whose guts were inflammatory had corresponding responses, including whether bacteria could survive or not. In these studies, the digestive system was essential to immune function.

AHCC® is one of the world’s most-researched immune supplement. There have been numerous breakthrough studies focused on HPV and AHCC.  Alpha-glucans are polysaccharides derived from a type of polysaccharide developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical company. This alpha-glucan extract comes from mycelia, not the mushroom cap, and is thought to help with everything.  For over 20 years, AHCC® has been one of the top-selling immune supplements in Japan.

Your Gut Health is Critical

Your body has many different types of bacteria.  Your body actually has more bacteria than cells.  Many are good for you and your health.  Your gut bacteria provide many functions including supporting your digestion, immunity, mental and physical well-being.

What Is AHCC® and How Does It Work?

AHCC® is derived from the mycelia of shiitake mushrooms.  One of the most extensively studied supplements on the market, it’s been tested on humans in more than 20 clinical trials.  An impressive fact is that over 1,000 top medical clinics worldwide currently use AHCC® as part of their treatments. As a biological response modifier, it helps prevent and shorten sickness by affecting your immune system directly.

Some mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which scientists have known for a long time. These mushroom compounds were shown to positively affect immune cells, but they weren’t absorbed well by humans because of their high molecular weight. This is where AHCC® comes in!

The molecular weight was reduced by over 97% using a special patented process. The compound boosts absorption and effectiveness, which is why AHCC® is Japan’s top-selling immunomodulator. Integrative medicine has used this ingredient for over 20 years and it has an excellent safety profile.  AHCC® benefits include:

AHCC® Boosts T Cell Counts

The immune function also depends on these cells. The body’s immune response to foreign pathogens is the second line of defense.

AHCC® Raises Macrophage Levels

These are critical points where the immune system interacts with pathogens; these cells absorb, engulf, and kill the pathogens. Simply put a pathogen is an organism in the body the spreads disease.

AHCC® Boosts Cytokine Production

Messenger cells like cytokines are crucial. It would be impossible for the immune system to detect foreign invaders into the system if they were not present.

The AHCC® Boosts Dendritic Cells

The immune system depends on dendritic cells. They protect you from harmful pathogens and contaminants in the outside environment.

AHCC® Immune Supplements are now available at HPD Rx

Supplements can be confusing for consumers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t verify claims as they do with prescription medications. Consumers are more responsible than ever in finding quality products online.

AHCC® is a highly researched dietary supplement, but you should always talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements. Understanding all AHCC® side effects and is crucial. Dosages need to be considered so they can be safe and beneficial to your system.