AHCC and HPV – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a permanent cure to suppress HPV?

Unfortunately, no medical cure presently exists to eliminate an HPV infection. An infected person must rely on their immune system to eliminate HPV from their body. But if the person doesn’t have a healthy immune system, HPV may remain indefinitely.

Doctors can prescribe and administer treatments to strengthen the immune system and reduce HPV symptoms. But the best way to protect yourself from HPV and the risk of getting HPV-based cancer or genital warts is to get the HPV vaccine before an infection occurs.

How quickly can the immune system suppress HPV?

About 90% of HPV-infected women have immune systems that suppress the virus within two years after the initial infection. Sometimes the virus goes away in as little as six months.

A small percentage of HPV-infected women carry the virus beyond the two-year mark. As a result, it puts them at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer.

Do HPV infections come back again? 

When the immune system clears HPV from any further activity in the body, you won’t always know whether the virus has been eradicated completely or merely in a state of indefinite dormancy.

But even if the virus has been eradicated successfully, that is only one HPV strain. You could still become infected with a different HPV strain. Then your immune system must build antibodies to eliminate it again. 

What is the most effective supplement for treating an HPV infection?

AHCC supplements are the most effective because they contain vital nutrients to strengthen the immune system and fight HPV. These nutrients include amino acids, oligosaccharides, and various liquid culture-based minerals.

What is AHCC? 

AHCC is a patented compound derived from cultured shiitake mushroom extract with antioxidant properties.  Only one company in the world makes AHCC and that’s Amino Up Co., Ltd JAPAN. Look for the AHCC® trademark on the label.

Does consuming AHCC cause the immune system to generate more T cells?

Several studies including one from Yale School of Medicine studies show that AHCC consumption can double the number of T cells generated and their effectiveness.

What are the other benefits of AHCC?

In addition to fighting HPV infections, AHCC can support the immune system in treating cancer, prevent cancer, prevent microbial infections, and potentially avert oxidative stress-induced disorders. These benefits are due to the anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties contained in AHCC.

What is the most recommended AHCC supplement for treating HPV infections?

Look for products containing genuine AHCC with little to no fillers. Also, ensure it is authentic AHCC because many online supplement companies sell generic products with no benefits.  The best advice is to shop for AHCC supplements from a reputable brand that has excellent reviews and has been established with a history of customer satisfaction and support.

When can I expect to see results after I start taking AHCC?

Most people notice results in as little as a month after they start taking AHCC consistently. However, you should take AHCC for up to six months to feel the full effects. Six months is usually the maximum time needed to treat HPV.

When is the best time to take AHCC?

Morning is the best time because you have an empty stomach. It is always better to consume AHCC when it has been at least a few hours since you last ate.  

Takeaway Advice

If you are having immune related issues or have been diagnosed with HPV or just want to optimize your health and well-being, talk with your healthcare provider.  Follow their advice on the best way to build your immune system and ask them if you should start adding AHCC to your health routine.